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Welcome to the Rainbo Fish and Game Club

A Family Organization Located in Gilmanton I.W. NH


                                                                                                                                  Labor Day 2015 

Club Notices

Bobby is running his annual surf and turf on October, 8 at 6:00 at the club house.
The cost will be $10.00 for either steak or lobster. There will also be clams. Bring your own side dishes. Bobby needs a count asap. Don't wait for the last minute
See Bobby personally or call him at 603-364-6273


General  Meeting October 9, 2016 at 10:00 at the club house


Dear Club Members,

I, Greg Lines, would like to join Rainbo Club. I have been part of the Rainbo family since I was very young. My fondest memory is of the time when I was in the Labor Day games with Brandon Gordon, winning the three legged race. I also have vivid memories of the fishing competitions and late night Capture the Flag. My grandfather, Sandy, used to take me and my cousins on laps around the club, trying to pick blackberries and bombing steep hills in the golf cart. My grandmother, Christine, has introduced me with the community and made me a part of the Rainbo family. My father, John, followed their footsteps in getting his own lot and I am hopefully closely behind. I want to become a member because I want my family to grow and I eventually look forward to sharing my childhood experiences with my own children. I hope you take me into serious consideration and I promise to not be bombing any steep hills in golf carts until I am at least 50 years young.


Greg Lines



2016 Meetings

Mtg. Date Mtg. Location Mtg. Type Mtg. Time
1/10  Meeting Senior Center Board 10:00
2/14  Meeting Senior Center Board 10:00
3/13  Meeting Senior Center Board 10:00
4/10 Meeting Senior Center General 10:00
5/29 Meeting club house General 10:00
6/12Meeting club house General 10:00
7/3 Meeting club house General 10:00
8/14 Meeting club house General 10:00
9/4 Meeting club house General 08:30
10/9  Meeting club house General 10:00
11/13 Meeting club house General 10:00
No Dec. Meeting





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